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Day Trip to Sliven Bulgaria

Sliven, Bulgaria offers a wealth of cultural and historic sights for those who wish to immerse themselves in Bulgarian culture and history. If you prefer to enjoy the town's recreation and sport's facilities then visit the golf course or try a healing therapy at the Mineral Spa.

The centre of the town is pedestrianised with wide boulevards lined with cafes and restaurants with a huge park for sitting in the dappled shade of the trees.

The Old Elm

A huge smooth-leaved elm tree stands proudly in the centre of the city.

It is a thousand years old and is featured on the town’s coat of arms. It has seen much in the way of history, but perhaps the saddest tale is the way Ottoman officials hanged Bulgarian revolutionaries from its branches.


Hadzhi Dimitur House-Museum
This inviting museum is built in the architectural style of the National Revival and is named after one of its forefathers. It lies in the south western part of the town and shows how a traditional Revival home and Inn would have looked at this crucial time in Bulgaria’s history.


Dobri Chintulov Memorial House Museum
Another museum devoted to one of the National Revival heroes. This one is located on the north side of the town and was the original home of Revival teacher and poet Dobri Chintulov.


The Museum of History
The museum houses many of the archaeological finds from the region including fragments of the mosaic and old coins found at the site of the ruined fortress near to the Karandila.


Stefan Kirov Theatre
The city's main theatre is located in the main square and is a beautiful building named after another of Sliven’s sons, the prominent actor and director, Stefan Kirov.


Slivenski Mineralni Bani
The Sliven spa resort lies 245 m above sea level on the Tundzha River. Its mineral water is hot and is especially suitable for drinking. It is particularly good for the treatment and prevention of gastro-intestinal, liver, and gall bladder diseases. The resort has great development prospects and the water is suitable for bottling as it is a known prophylactic remedy for tooth decay. The complex has a sanatorium and a few private hotels and provides a scenic and relaxing setting for anyone who wishes to unwind.


Sliven Golf Course

If sport is more your scene, take time for a round of golf at Sliven golf course. It is one of the country's more established courses with a challenging competition course. Opened in May 2004, Sliven golf course was the second to be constructed in Bulgaria. It covers 500,000 sq. m. with a total length of 6,010 m and is a par 71course. It boasts spectacular views to the Balkan Mountains and has hosted several golf tournaments already.