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Ancient Treasures and Treasure Hunters

Volodya Velkov, head of the unit responsible for detecting these crimes claims, "The artifacts are stolen to order by rich Bulgarians living abroad and foreigners too. They not only buy the pieces, but finance the illegal digs too. This is upsetting, as a Bulgarian, as a citizen of Europe. They are stealing our children's heritage."

Bulgarian law states that anything found in the soil belongs to the state, but only a few pieces make it into their hands. One lucky find was made by an honest farmer who dug up a collection of 3rd century drinking vessels made from solid gold. Recently foreign reporters posed as interested buyers looking for valuable artifacts. They were directed by local people to a private courtyard where they were shown coins worth thousands of dollars. They were also directed to a market where they made contact with a treasure hunter who assured them that he had no problem in providing valuable artifacts.





Preserving the Past for Future Generations

Bulgaria’s rich heritage particularly from the 1st through to the 6th century is of crucial importance to the nation and future generations and archaeology must be subject to good practice through the adoption of rules and regulations guaranteed to preserve and control sites and potential sites of historical importance.

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