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Wines from the Danube

Vinprom Rousse, established in 1948, is a modern Bulgarian winery, located in the north viticultural region, on the bank of the river Danube. Established in 1948, as a part of the state spirit monopoly, the winery was privatised in 1998 by the American company Seabord Corporation. Vinprom Rousse AD merged with Domaine Boyar AD and became part of the newly established holding ‘Boyar Estates’.

In October 2003 the shares of the winery in Rousse were sold to a new foreign investor - the Cyprus company ‘Vandemio’.

The new owner has long experience and traditions in wine production, as well as a great reputation and good positions on the Russian and Moldavian markets of wine and strong alcoholic beverages. The ownership of the winery in Bulgaria became an important step for actively promoting the wines to the European and world markets.

They are achieving 10,500,000 bottles and are planning to increase by 25% per annum. The total amount of investment up to 2008 comes to nearly 2.5m euros and included in the plan is the purchase of new equipment, reconstruction of buildings and the purchase of land and creation of their own vineyards.

The winery takes a prominent position among wine producers with a storage capacity of about 25,000 tons and bottling of over 10,000,000 tons annually. It is located on an area of 92 decares with its roots and rich traditions in the production of white and red wines.

Vinprom Rousse wines have a wide range of flavours and qualities. From young varieties of mixed wines with fruity flavour, through to oak barrel fermented wines. The product quality is guaranteed by the careful selection of grape varieties, combined with a high standard of technical processing and constant monitoring.
Their wines have won prestigious and national awards many times including most recently a silver and bronze medal in the National degustation contest of soft wines ‘Vinaria 2005’.

We’d love to tempt you to try these mouth watering wines!

As an introduction, why not go for the ‘Danubia Series’ Limited Selection and Muscat Private Collection. Named after the beautiful and picturesque land along the bank of the river Danube.

Danubia is a new series, consisting of one white and two red wines - Chardonnay reserve 2004, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot reserve 2004. This very good series of wines offers extremely good quality at a competitive price. In classic style, the collection of wines is made from selected grapes and fermented in French and American oak barrels. The wine is suitable for drinking while young, but it can also be left to age in the bottle, which will produce more complex aroma and flavour.

These really are excellent high-scale wines, which have vigorous aroma, distinguishing the grape variety well, together with good structure, dense texture and intensive color. Their production is based on the traditional grape-growing strategy for special vineyard selection.

Muscat Private Collection 2003 - this entire series consists of just 10,000 carefully prepared bottles, each having a serial number corresponding to the passport number. In order to create this wine, selected grapes from the highest quality vineyards are used and controlled with infinite care both the vintage and fermentation processes. Vinprom Rousse is the only winery to offer such a high-class Muscat wine.

Try them - it’s a must!

For more information and tours of the vineyard contact:
Vinprom - Rousse EOOD
tel/fax : (02)986 09 19, 0887 78 44 67