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Win or Lose?

It's certainly true to say that two out of three of Bulgaria's ski resorts have tended to lean heavily on the UK / Irish markets in recent years. Borovets and Pamporovo sees these two nationalities making up the vast majority of foreign visitors. Bansko seems to have spread its wings slightly more and it sees a mix of nationals including many Russians and Greeks. The latter now doubt due to its proximity to Bansko.

The two aforementioned 'Anglo' reliant resorts will feel nervous if they have been reading the UK press recently with several articles reporting on market research saying that up to 75% of UK / Irish skiers will 'give their ski holiday a miss this year'.

Just whether this statement proves to be correct only time will tell yet the message is coming loud and clear but worst of all, consistently.

However, could the cloud have a silver lining? What the reports then say is that much of the fall out will come from the ski areas within the Euro zone, most noticeably France whom analysts forecast will have their worst foreign visitor numbers in recent memory. Austria too may be affected but the silver lining comes when reports indicate that skiers are looking to salvage a week on the piste by looking at ski areas in the non Euro zones. That of course includes Bulgaria.

A massively successful winter season for Bulgaria even in times of perceived economic hardship should make those in government who advocate adoption of the Euro think twice before they open their mouths. Adoption of the Euro may have some benefits but, as many in the same government have also commented, 'the disadvantages of its adoption outweigh the advantages.' In a nutshell adoption of the Euro will decimate Bulgarian tourism as harsh as that may sound and the contribution to the countries GDP that tourism makes may hold sway in the longer term thinking.

Mark Thomas
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