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Out and About around Vidin - off the beaten path


Off the Beaten Path...
A charming village set in beautiful surroundings. Only 3,100 inhabitants the village is quite a way from Vidin but worth visiting. Don’t miss the waterfall - although not high, the place where it is located is really beautiful and picturesque.

Chiprovtsi Monastery
Situated 6kms to the north east of the village of the same name. This monastery, called St John of Rila has its origins in the 10th Century. It is one of the monasteries which were built during the first Bulgarian state which strengthened Christianity and helped Cyril and Metodius who introduced the cyrillic alphabet into the country. If survived an invasion in the 13th Century, Ottoman rule and the raids of Mihail Hrabri. During uprisings it acted as a main shelter for the Chiprovtsi inhabitants. Raided and robbed on several occasions it was also partially destroyed and then reconstructed during the 19th Century

Lopushanski Monastery
in Chiprovtsi area, 20 kms north east of Chiprovtsi, is impressive for its proportions and architecture. It was renovated in 1850 by priests from the Chiprovski monastery. Architecturally it is a monumental building and looks like the main church of Rila monastery. There are stone reliefs on the walls and on the monastery gates. In the monastery you’ll find old icons and iconostasis. They were made in 1863 by the Bulgarian Revival artist Stanislav Dospevski (1823-1888). The wood-carving iconostasis of the cloister is of historical value.

Kozarnika Cave
3 kms from the village of Oreslets, since 1984 archaeologists have been excavating this cave and have discovered numerous artifacts dating from the Early Paleolithic (1.4 million years ago) evidencing human presence that arguably includes the earliest traces of man ever found on the European sub-continent.

Rakovitsa Monastery
32 kms from Vidin and 4kms from the village of Rakovitsa, this was built in the 10th and 11th Centuries

Dobridol Monastery
25 kms west from town of Lom, the monastery was founded in 11th century

Chuprene Nature Reserve
Protected by Unesco, this covers an area of 15,000,000 sq.m. and is home to the only capercaillie population in Bulgaria. There are some 10 eco-trails offering a beautiful area for a quieter holiday.

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