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Pound goes Further in Bargain Bulgaria

Christmas is long over and the New Year seen in; the credit card bills have landed on the doormat and there is nothing but horrible doom and gloom in the media. It is little wonder that many people are trying to escape from reality for a couple of weeks to get away from it all and leave their troubles behind by booking their 2009 holidays. found in a recent poll that 49% of people are assessing their 2009 holiday thoughts, and that nearly a fifth are looking for a cheaper holiday this year. They put bulgaria on their top ten list of best value holiday destinations in 2009 saying that the country is "a jewel with an eclectic mix of culture, history, beaches and landscapes".

Last year The Times also pointed to Bulgaria, saying the country offers many attractions which appeal to the whole family and is much more affordable than Italy, Portugal, France or Spain. A beer in France can set you back as much as 8 pounds yet Bulgaria has both bargain prices and comparable leisure facilities. This year, the BBC website has backed Bulgaria for an influx of Britons due to its excellent value.

UK holiday makers may well be more price-focused this year but they are definitely not giving up their holiday plans. According to research from Visit London and VisitBritain, 80 per cent of Britons are planning to reduce the amount they spend on food in order to help save funds for a holiday!

There is no better time to book a holiday, with the tourist industry wanting every penny available, they are offering amazing discounts and great deals. Many are slashing rates to fill beds.

If you've got a large family or are just wanting a cheap holiday where you'll have a great time and spending little, then Bulgaria is one of your best bets.

Bulgaria has everything to offer from safe sandy beaches for sun worshippers, super ski runs for adrenalin junkies, mountains for fearless climbers, historic ancient towns for culture vultures, wooded hills and streams for hikers and horseriders, speedy city life and shopping for bling seekers.

Bulgaria is high on the list for those on a budget where it is certain that your pound will go a very long way.

Just take a look at these typical prices:

coffee 30p
lunch 2 course meal 3 pounds
dinner 3 course 7.50 pounds
bottle of beer 50p
house wine 2 pounds
ice cream 40p
soft drink 50p


Tips and Hints for a great Bulgarian holiday

- Look for the local places to eat - you'll get more for your money and have great fun doing it

- Bulgaria's coastal resorts have always attracted visitors with gorgeous beaches and plenty of sunshine but you might want to travel and explore inland.

- Visit some of the authentic museum towns for a real blast from the past, extraordinary architecture and really friendly local people

- One of the best countries for vegetarians, the choice is endless, with abundant organic vegetables and fruit

- If you are a smoker there are no problems in restaurants or bars and ciggies are an absolute steal at about 55 pence a pack

- Important phone numbers for travellers
emergency medical aid 150
fire 160
police 166
road assistance 146
international emergency number 112


The last word...

Adam Blackman from York says, "I've been to Bulgaria before. My friends have just come back from Bulgaria and said they would definitely go again, as would I. They reckon it's one of the most beautiful places they have been. It's cost them next to nothing to have a great time whilst they were there - they even brought money back home with them, what a bonus!".

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