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The Balkan Range Bulgaria

For the last few years and still today the small towns of Tryavna, Troyan, Apriltsi, Gabrovo, Teteven and other little Bulgaria Balkan range villages have experienced not only a big property buying moment but also a real tourist boom. No wonder, as these small towns amidst wonderful mountains and forests are a special place to experience some of the most wonderful Bulgarian nature. Breathatking scenery, pretty villages lined with original houses.. this is the Balkan Range.

One of the best-developed tourist regions of Bulgaria with welcoming and stylish bed and breakfasts, family owned and run hotels with modern amenities abound.

Tourism has changed the whole feel of this part of Bulgaria, resulting in significant business improvement for the local economy and people.

These small towns no longer languish neglected and forgotten, they have picked up the baton of the 20th Century and many of the locals have now become entrepreneurs, with the towns becoming busier for cultural tourism.

Apart from the wonderful architecture of many of the houses, streets, towers and bridges, tourism has enormously expanded every year, now offering the visitor horseriding, 4x4 safaris, hunting and fishing.

This particular area of Bulgaria was part of the national revival during the 18th and 19th centuries. Indeed, the whole region reflects some of the best of this spirit, with architecturally protected towns and numerous eco-trails throughout the national park.

The Bulgarka national park runs not far from the town of Tryavna and Gabrovo. Dense forests and rare species are to be found here.

Little known ski possibilities abound in this area, particularly in the nearby vicinity of Ribaritsa. After a long day on the slopes you can shake off your aches and pains with a dip at the hot mineral swimming pool in Chiflik, a small Balkan village.

New hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and tourist facilities have recently opened making this a year-round destination. As you visit each small town in the area you will be delighted by the number of folk and craft shops with traditional skills on display. It is much down to these local craftsmen that these villages have been revived.

A wonderful region to go for a relaxing countryside and cultural experience!