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Experience Greek Island Lifestyle

If you thought that cafe culture was developed in Bulgaria, you should head for the Greek Islands to see how far cafe culture really has come. The Greeks have turned it into an art! Cafes abound on every street, fishing village and promenades.


Even in the most isolated villages you will find one of these hidden gems where you can experience real Greek lifestyle.

A hotch-potch of every type of people, friends meeting, gossip, talk of every day life and absolute havens if you just want to discretely people-watch. The Greeks are much more in tune with their pace of life unlike most Britons. They have found a balance between work and taking time out to just sit with a coffee and a couple of friends.

You'll find all sorts of cafes, from the chic and ultra-modern to the traditional old-style cafe with just a few tables full of locals. During the summer months all the cafes are packed to the gunnels with tourists and local Greeks. Don't just be tempted by the cafes on the sea front but seek out those in the side streets, where you'll get to see real every day life on the Greek Islands.

To discover the cafe culture on the isles and how important a part the cafe plays in everyday life, read the full story on Quest Greek Islands


getting there

A simple and quick journey from the south of Bulgaria. Just hop over the border to Thessaloniki where you can pick up a ferry to the island of your choice or even 'island hop' for more fun.

Blue Star Ferries have some great deals right now which are running through the whole summer with up to 23% discount for families.

From other parts of Bulgaria, you may prefer to fly. Sofia, Bourgas and Varna airports all have flights to Athens. From there, just island hop on any of the many Greek ferries and experience a slice of Greek life.

Bulgaria Air are offering flights to Athens for only 143 euros return including airport taxes.