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Take Time Out in Chania, Crete

As thoughts are definitely centred on holiday time, this is a great moment to take a few days away to travel over the border and check out the beautiful town of Chania on the Greek island of Crete. If you prefer lazing at home avoiding the masses and the heat, yet are still looking for wonderful weather out of season, then Crete is an excellent choice as even the winters are mild. Old and modern meet here to create a wonderful blend and appeal.


Although the town was bombed during the second World War, the Old Town is considered to be one of the most beautiful on Crete, particularly the Venetian buildings surrounding the harbour area. Even the modern part of the town, where the locals are based has areas of real charm and beauty.

This is a wonderful place to visit or even buy a dream home. Chania is the second largest town on Crete and is situated on the northern coast of the island, with some 55,000 inhabitants. Although there seem to be more and more tourists every year, the town keeps an authentic Greek feel. A few days spent in the town will offer both lots of exploring on foot but plenty time on the beach for lazy days. If you were thinking of buying a Greek Island property, then Chania is a good choice as there is plenty to do all year round, warm winters and an excellent lifestyle.

The main features of Chania are the beautiful Venetian architecture, a really pretty harbour, one of the very best outdoor markets and decent nightlife which is family oriented.

Getting there
Easily accessible with its own airport, Chania International Airport. There are several flights daily from Sofia (change at Athens) via the two main airlines of Aegean and Olympic. The port has ferries arriving every day from Piraeus for those preferring to drive over the border with their own vehicle.

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