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Constanta - Romania's City by the Sea

The city has its fair share of religious architecture including the St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral on Strada Arhiepiscopiei, which shares the same street as The Great Mahmudiye Mosque. This turn-of-the-century mosque is the most distinctive mosque in the area thanks to its 164-ft minaret, which offers a stunning view of the old downtown. Five times a day, the muezzin climbs the 140 steps to the top of the minaret to call the faithful to prayer. The St. Mina Orthodox Church, at Parcul Tabacarie, is another religious and architectural landmark as it is the largest wooden church in Romania and features a distinctive 140-ft tower.


The Cassa Verde or Green House in the beach resort of Mamaia gives great shopping outside the city centre. However, the best shopping is to be had in Constanta itself. Shopping here can range from the modern shopping malls along ┼×tefan cel Mare Street, which contains many of the chain stores familiar to many other European cities to more specialised shops in the old centre.


Being such a large city, there are plenty of restaurants to cater for all tastes and budgets. There are plenty of restaurants offering authentic Turkish cuisine including Shoarma - a combination of grilled chicken, salad and fries - all of which is reasonably priced at approximately 8-10 Euros per person. Another eatery worth visiting is the renowned "Lions House" located in the Old Quarter. It is as impressive in it's Genovese architectural style as it is in it's extensive menu and has become one of the city's key landmarks.There are plenty of other restaurants and many will have menu boards in English. The port area is also home to some fabulous seafood restaurants which offer year-round covered dining.

Constanta offers tourists an unusual combination of cultural city and fun beach location. The shallow shoreline, great restaurants and nightlife make it perfect for families. Its melting pot of cultures earned from centuries as a major seaport, stunning architecture and plentiful museums give this city plenty of reasons for visitors to return time after time.