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Scenic Serbia

When most of us hear the name Serbia mentioned, our minds take us back to the days of war torn Yugoslavia and the horrors that were portrayed on our televisions by the media.

It is however, sad to admit that for many of us, this is all we know about this beautiful country in central and Southeastern Europe.

Now Serbia, a self confessed neutral country is very different with real efforts being made to increase tourism and show off to the world what they have to offer.

Serbia along with its capital city Belgrade has a population of 7.5 million people living in an area of 88,361 km2. The country shares its borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, The Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Through its Kosovo region it also borders Albania. Serbia has a climate which could be described as moderate continental.

Where to Visit

Serbia is great for those ‘City Break' lovers, and the country is not short on great cities to visit, in fact it has 24 including the exiting capital, Belgrade. One of the oldest cities in Europe, Belgrade has something for everybody, a wealth of archaeological sites, culture and art centres, and of course shops for the shopaholics. The clothing shops here are excellent and inexpensive. The styles are mainly influenced by Italy. The city is very tourist friendly with all shops and shopping centres confined to the city centre. The same can be said for many of the cities other attractions also.

Serbia produces excellent wine, another fact that very few of us know. The climate here allows the growth of a vast variety of grapes, which has been part of their culture for thousands of years. Take a trip on one of the many ‘Wine Routes' that Serbia offers, and you won`t be disappointed. All wineries in Serbia offer a wine tour including tasting. These tours can last from one hour to half a day and should not be missed.

Take a trip to the mountain resorts which are open all year round. Serbia's mountain ranges, the Rhodopes, Carpathian, Balkan and Dinaric all have a wealth of outdoor entertainment to be enjoyed by all. Skiing is very popular during the winter months and during the summer you will find, wildlife and flora tours to view the massive population of Serbia's animal kingdom and plant life, from Serbian Spruce to Brown Bears, you can experience all this via the many organised tours available.

Health and Spa Centres can be found all over Serbia due to the abundance of the warm and cold water mineral springs available. Experiencing the way the Romans bathed, these are used in Serbia's 53 thermal resorts to provide the many health benefits that the Serbians believe they bring.

Eating and Drinking

Serbian food is said to have a very strong Greek and Croatian influence, mainly comprising of meet, commonly pork or lamb. Moussaka is a popular dish along with stuffed peppers. The dish would normally be consumed with one of the national alcoholic drinks. Ruska is one such tipple that Serbian people enjoy. It is basically a brandy made from pears. More often though the choice of the locals would be their national drink, Slivovica, Plumb Brandy.

Restaurants in Serbia can be found in all towns and cities, and also in many villages. Traditionally Serbians would have a 3 course meal, usually starting with soup, and then followed by the choice of second course before the dessert which would traditionally be baked cake.
Dining out in Serbia can be a wonderful delight and at a very reasonable cost too.

Crossing the Border

Entry into Serbia is fairly straight forward and you should not encounter any problems if you follow their entry rules. Visas are not required and entry with your passport is all that is needed.

It is extremely important that when entering Serbia, you have your passport stamped by the border police. Serbia has very strict laws on this and if you try to leave the country without the entry stamp, you can face charges under their illegal immigrations act, and even imprisonment.

If you intend to take expensive items or a sum of money of over 10,000 EUR into Serbia, it must be declared to the authorities at entry and sign a declaration to agree that it is for your own personal use.